I'm Gone ep

by Ulysses Cannon

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released October 21, 2015

All songs written by Mathew Snow

All music by Ulysses Cannon.

Ulysses Cannon is:
Mathew Snow | Vox, Rhythm Guitars, Percussion, Keys.
Chris Lavas | Bass
Hiro Suzuki | Lead & Slide Guitar, Resonator
Matt Olley | Drums, Percussion

Piano on 'I'm Gone' by Hugo Gasc.
Live recording on 'I'm Gone' by Travis Harrison at Serious Business Studios.
Live recording on 'Keep it Down' by Bruce Gordon.
Additional recording by Mathew Snow at home.
Mixing by Paul Fakatselis
Additional mixing by Mathew Snow.
Produced by Mathew Snow & Ulysses Cannon.




all rights reserved


Ulysses Cannon New York, New York

NYC Rock&Roll.
Est. 2011

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Track Name: I'm Gone
I'm a speeding train leaving a trail of fire racing toward the end of the line. Gonna make it in half the time, fo sho.
On a mission of suicide, I hope I like what I find on the other side.
Killing myself for the thrill of feeling alive.

It's been a long way here--Trying to convince myself that I don't care.
It's been a long time coming baby, but it's/I'm almost done: In 3, 2, 1...I'm gone.

I'm a speeding train leaving a trail of fire racing toward the end of the line. Gonna make it in half the time, for sure ah.
I got a need for the higher speed. I can't take control of what's controlling me. I'm running a race that I ain't ever gonna lead.

When it all falls down, baby, when it's all lost-- you're gonna be happy I'm gone.
Track Name: Keep it Down
It is what it was so you oughta know that you can't let it out--you can't let it go. It may be something that you soon won't forget but you can't let it out--you can't let it go yet.
There's gonna be a row. Don't you dare make a sound: We gotta keep it low. We gotta keep it down.

You're fuelin' the fire with your every move--I can't take my eyes of you.
You're fuelin' the fire and we're gonna get burned. I'm wondering why you don't seem too concerned.

So early in the morning, so late in the night, he'll shoot without warning but I know that it's gunna be alright. Because I feel it heating up and we're about to blow--but we gotta keep it down so don't nobody ever know.

We can't stop now: We're in too deep. I'm praying that he's laying there fast asleep. Moan. Groan. Heaving chests. We gotta keep it down cuz the rooster's in his nest.

I confess that yes, you've got it. No contest: The best around. But to hear that rooster crow, girl, you gotta know that we can't make a sound--We gotta keep it down.